Raise a Glass

by Brimstone

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released April 21, 2015

All songs and lyrics written by Brimstone except Communication Breakdown (written by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones)



all rights reserved


Brimstone QLD, Australia

With a penchant for heavy riffs, melodic vocals and guitar solos, Brimstone is a two piece band with a sound can be described as straight ahead, balls-out heavy rock.

Visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/brimstoneofficial for more info.
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Track Name: Reaper
Ah yeah
Reaper brother, keeper man

Walkin’ into your street, headin’ into your mime
Time to go, I can see your soul, your destiny will be mine
Clock is ticking away, not a thing you can do
Take a bow ‘cause that is how it’s gonna end for you
You’ll see me comin’ and there ain’t no use use in running
‘cause your number’s up and hummin’ in the crosshairs
I know you’re wishin’ for a change in my decision
‘cause you had a different vision to this nightmare

Smoke or the haze, hatred or praise
Don’t make no difference I’ve numbered your days
Every discrepancy flashing in front of your eyes
No compromise
No time to drink from the fountain, no time to run from your fear
Any good deeds you are countin’, your reaper is here

Here’s the end of your line, take my bony old hand
That’s the deal it’s very real you have to understand
You’re on a very long list, many people to see
There ain't no choice, listen to my voice this is eternity
I know you’re thinkin’ that the dots aren’t really linkin’
and the situation’s stinkin’ like a cesspool
So here’s the skinny, better plead with old St. Vinny
‘cause you’re soundin’ kind of tinny on your old mule

Looks like you won’t need a jumper where you’re headin’ Sonny, going down!

No time to drink from the fountain, no time to run from your fear
Any good deeds you are countin’, your keeper and reaper is here
Your acting is over, you’re spent now, cash in your chips on the way
Into the clouds or the fire, I’ll have the last say
Track Name: Oxygen Thief
Hey motherfucker stop breathin’ my air
My Chuck Taylor All Stars be kickin’ your ass
I’ve heard your excuses, heard all your lies
The verbal excretion from your mouth easily flies

Oxygen thief, you are an oxygen thief
Stealin’ my air, you are an oxygen thief

How do you live with yourself
The greed and the wealth is nothing, it’s nothing at all
Your empire will fall to the ground
Now you’re all alone, no sceptre or throne, you’re nothing
Nowhere to hide so face up and get your deserves

Spare me the jingle, don’t ask for a dime
You’ll get what’s comin' in your own good time
You lie and you cheat stabbing backs as you go
The face in the mirror the only friend that you know

You can’t know, you Judas hoe
You’d bury your brother and before you know you’re cut down
You’re in a massive breakdown, livin’ in a shakedown

Your core is rotten filth
All you have is the misery
The time will come for you to choke
and I, for one, wanna be there to see it!
Track Name: Level Ground
I’m so alone, I cannot answer any telephone
No reception at all
I cannot see any positivity, my back’s against the wall
I cannot hide and bury this soul destruction
Repair my heart’s corruption
I appreciate your sincere concern for me, I’m tryin’ to cop a plea

I spiral down, an early grave is where I’m bound
I’m chocking on my thoughts
Manic depression, passive aggression
Break the spell, please make me well

As I rise and fall on this fucked up roller coaster
I have no control to speed up or slow
Both ends of the scale can end me in disaster
I need some level ground because I want to stick around

And now I’m free, invincibility, it gushes over me
I’m full of fire, every desire, can’t get no hire
What’s that you say? There can’t be no way, a different man from yesterday
I ain’t got no time for your reason and rhyme and I just gotta go ‘cause I just got to fly
Track Name: Viking Lord
Swing your axe and raise your sword
I’m the one and only motherfuckin' Viking Lord
Fight to kill, steal to pay
I’ve never ever known any other way
Watch your back, peel your eyes
‘cause any man that crosses me always dies
Plan your move, pick your place
The last thing you will ever see is my face, I say…

I bring you fear, I bring you war
I’ll take you down to hell and then I’ll bring you more
No regrets, no remorse
Anything I want I take with brute force
Raise a glass, toast the crew
‘cause I always give credit where credit’s due
All for one, one for all
We got you motherfuckers all by the balls, we say…

Rampage, pillage and I’ll burn your village
So feel my power, it’s your last hour, I say…
Track Name: Holy Man
Crucifixion and a contradiction
Blood on your hands, water to wine
Congregation and a proclamation
Bow down to me, forgiveness divine

Holy man, shake your can
Break your bread, fill my head

Your damnation and my temptation
Nigh is the end, you’ve numbered my days
Your corruption is a pure distraction
Worship my God, glory and praise

Holy man, shake your can
Break your bread, fill my head, Hallelujah
Change your ways, souls to save
Take my hand to the holy land
Track Name: She Bitch
She walks the walk
She lights up every room, yeah, when she talks
She’s my woman all the way
And when she moves
She seems to put everyone in the mood
My favourite part of every day

But you never want to get her on her bad side
‘cause she’ll tear you a new one a mile wide
And I love her just that way

That’s my She Bitch, scratches my itch, bites and she kicks

Her eyes so deep
Every single flaw of mine they keep
I would die for her tonight
She keeps me strong
She gives me strength for me to carry on
She never backs down from a fight

Yeah she’s my woman and the mother of my babies
She’s straight up and down, no room for maybes
I love that bitch

That’s my She Bitch, scratches my itch, bites and she kicks
Her voluption, my corruption, pure eruption, I love my bitch

Take my hand, understand how I lust for you
I never know the levels and extremes that you’re gonna go
as you bleed for me

You flip me inside and outside
You make me toss make me turn
Is it a low or a high tide
You make me burn
Track Name: I am the Werewolf
Howl at the moon, look to the sky
Midnight comes soon, someone must die
Lock up your loved ones, sharpen your wit
Cometh the hour, I lose my shit

Death and destruction, the hunt and the kill
Evil construction gives me a thrill
I fill you with terror, I fill you with fear
The ultimate hunter is chewing your ear

I sit and wait as I contemplate
Which one of you I’ll annihilate
I lick my lips, saliva drips
I’ve got the taste for the human race
Now I’m closing in, your time has come
Your blood goes thin, you do the sums

I’ll tear the flesh from your bones
From your head down to your toes
I’m gonna rip up this town
I am the Werewolf
Track Name: Hit the Steel
Won’t you join me in my cesspit?
I don’t mind if you can’t take it

I need to feed, I need to bleed
Why won’t you lead me all the way down?
And as you prick, I feel a kick, I’m feeling sick

I lie in shit, I choke on spit, another hit
I raise my head just off the floor
Regurgitation at my jaw, a table barricades my door

My tracks I hide, I rot inside, I death defy
I ride the white horse once again
This time I’ll see some dear old friends, am I now at my journey’s end?

My days are numbered, I’m livin’ in a dungeon
Chase the dragon, hit the steel
She’s my master, nothing changes my mind faster
She’s gonna take me all the way
Track Name: Communication Breakdown
Hey girl, stop what you’re coin'
Hey girl, you’ll drive me to ruin
I don’t know what I like about you but I like it a lot
Won’t you let me hold you now, let me feel your lovin’ touch

Hey girl, I got somethin’ that I think you ought to know
Hey babe, I wanna tell you that I love you so
I wanna hold you in my arms
I’m never gonna let you go ‘cause I like your charms

Communication breakdown, it’s always the same
Having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane